Let There Be Light! (YEG)

7 months ago, the light disappeared from us and took warm temperatures with it. 2 weeks ago, it was -20. We can proudly let you know that we did survive and that the tribe is #weatherproof. We can now look forward to having our next few months be as bright and #weatherproof as NP San Diego’s winter. Don’t worry, Billy gives this a thumbs up.

Apparently someone climbed up the rail of the stairs today and didn’t fall. I must have missed the memo that we are training for the next Cirque Du Soleil. Most of us ran faster than cars on the right which is the right side of the road if you weren’t sure. And if you’re in a country such as the UK or Japan where you drive on the left side of the road, well, it’s time you started pledging for your own tribe.

Friday, we are at Emily Murphy Park. Meet us at the entrance. Be ready to run up and down the hill. 6 am.

April 25th – 7-9pm – We will be at MEC wreaking havoc. Bring a friend, wear your Grassroots Gear and you will receive 10% off anything, as well as 2 for 1 on the next MEC race. We may or may not have a surprise for you that night as well. Then, we will head over to The Pint Downtown at 9pm to tell tales and drink plenty of coloured water.



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