Paddy Cake and a Blood Moon

What do paddy cake and a blood moon have in common?

A bad ass workout.

Will got thing real close during the bounce with some partner paddy cakes that put the tribe mentally back in third grade. That time in your life when all you worried about was your flag football teams next game, who’s house you were sleeping over at next weekend and what Nintendo game you were renting when you got there. Priceless feeling for about 20 seconds. (sorry, no pictures because it was Thanks Will.

We kicked the workout off under the blood moon’s eclipse with some 400s mixed in with 25 air squats…when you finished, just repeat it 3 more times. Once all of the fast tribe members started to finish out their final round, we jumped straight into a deck of cards workout full of lunges and pushups. For those of you that didn’t already know, a deck of cards is a lot of lunges and pushups.
Quick sip of water and we were back at it again. For the finally, tribe members made two lines and formed an arch with the person across from them.  Then each member did a bear crawl through the arch all the way down the line, and once everyone made it through we did it again.  For the grand finally a quick sprint down the line high fiving all every other member of the tribe to keep the good vibes going.  A good day and a great group.

High Fives

Today the positivity award today goes to Zoo.  Zoo is an ever dedicated member of NPNO and has vowed to follow us wherever our location is in the city.  Thank you Zoo for being a part of our Tribe.

Award winner

DO NOT FORGET THE SUNDAY FUNDAY EVENT @ 2:30.  We will be at Coconut Beach for a workout and then happy hour specials.  Come out and bring any and everyone.  Especially those people that always say: “Awe man I would love to come….I just can’t make it in the blah blah blah blah”.  Its Sunday afternoon, no Saints game…There are no excuses.


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