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Are you crazy?? You are crazy. I’m sorry…what happened this morning? You went over to the Lincoln Memorial and worked out with 450 other people? WHY?

This question is tough to answer sometimes. People just won’t get it. Did you used to wake up that early every MWF? No. Why do you now? It can’t be described in one word. Not even one sentence. You have to #JustShowUp.

Some came this morning for the moon, some for the sun, but everyone came for a kickass time and some life-affirming hugs. I came because I needed my daily quota of hugs and high-fives.

Keep this thing growing and spreading because it makes your life better. If it makes your life better, it can make someone else’s life better. So help a brother, sister, father, mother, cousin’s best friend’s uncle’s ugliest friend out and get their good-looking ass to some NPDC action. Still reaching for that 500 mark in DC. Tattoos are on the line. Let’s keep it going strong as we hit the colder temps.


FRIDAY: Franklin square, 6:28AM #EarnYourWeekend

WEDNESDAY OCT. 22nd: OUR ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY IN DC. Started with a few and now it’s hundreds. This will be big. There will be an evening party, location TBD

WEDNESDAY NOV. 5th: CELEBRATING THREE YEARS OF NP WORLDWIDE. Anniversary celebration of the beginning of November Project, from Boston to 15 other cities, spreading like wildfire. MUGSHOTS will be taken (yearbook style, theme TBD).

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