P – R U OK? (LAX)

The number of hands today from people who PR’d was astounding (if you’re new, you count here too). I think sometimes we laugh off PR day because it’s always the same or we hate PR day because it keeps us accountable but today I could see in everyone’s eyes that we all meant business, and did we ever mean it.


It really was just such a killer day today. Back in the bowl, lights on at 5:30, real smiles on faces, hugs on point, a bunch of new people and some traverbals?! It really just felt like coming home. It’s clear that this family is getting stronger and more connected and I’m sure that alcohol has a role but so does fitness so I guess those would cancel out and just make us all normal friends. Right? We’re normal, aren’t we?


The tribe is growing fast and it’s because it’s all of our friends, your siblings, the people you care about most in the world, who are going to be there because that’s what this is.


Do Great LA. Today was just one of those days and it felt so nice.


FRIDAY: Tongva Park in Santa Monica. Follow this link to drop a mothafuckin’ #verbal and for the exact meeting location (near the corner of Olympic and Main, but in the park a little)

TONIGHT: NEXT DOOR LOUNGE – Join us at 8pm for some delicious drinks and wonderful company as part of our 2nd Monthly Mixer organized by our social leader, Ryan Aguire (thanks bubby!). Bring your money and be prepared to say “November” at the door in case they’re strict about the password.

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