Grown-up Me vs NP Me (YEG)

28:19 Day is the last Wednesday of every month. It’s race day.  It is the one day every month that we set all the goats and jokes aside and focus on effort and encouragement. You just need to do that some days. Yes, we award a hat and a shirt to fast people. But to be honest, the only person you are racing, is yourself.the important part of it, is seeing your improvement after each month. Maybe you make it one step further than you did last month. Every inch is progress. And as long as you’re making progress then you’re doing things right.

By 8am, I need to become a grown-up and use my inside voice. As you go about your day today, I want you to think about how different the grown-up version of you, is different from the Wednesday morning at 6am  November Project version of you.

Here’s a few of real examples of me noticing that I’m not fully in grown-up mode.

Me: Good morning
Coworker: Good morning
Me: Y’all good?
Coworker: I’m doing well, and thank goodness for coffee
Me: Oh… right.. yes… coffee… yum…


Me (at the end of a meeting): Before you go, turn to someone next to you, and…. smile…. and then have a great Wednesday.


Client: Hi, I’m Clint, the client.
Me: Hey Clint, I’m glad you made it.
Clint: Made what?
Me: umm.. made the trip here?


(at new employee orientation)
Who’s new? *everyone puts their hands up*
Who brought someone new? *extremely confused looks*


(at the start of an interview)
Me: Thanks for coming in. Before we start, let’s get some good posture.. and some …… straight answers.


(turning a sharp corner)
Me: #hardcoreparkour


These are real examples. How different would your day be if you could act like the same way you did at NP?



Friday, Jen returns and I’m going to go ahead and drop a verbal on her behalf. Yes, Jen will be there. Hopefully, this will put to rest all of the rumours that have been spreading like wildfire about her absence for the past 3 workouts. What happened to her? Did we kick her out? Was it something we said? Did she move to Victoria forever? Did she seriously leave without say goodbye? Am I experiencing deja vu? I guess if she doesn’t show, then these rumours were true.  There’s only one way to find out, and that is… #justbethere…. did I get that right?


See you at Walterdale Hill.

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