Orange you glad you joined us

Today in 5280-ville, we relaxed our flannel dress code for the in vogue orange and blue lounge-wear that has draped this great city. In support of the winning ways of the bucking football squad, we #UnitedinOrange to show the strength of our community. I’m not much of a pigskin fan, but I hear that the team has a star kicker (I’m talking to you, Matt Prater #5) who has single handedly kept the team in contention all season long. We hope he and his cheerleader friends will grind some steps with us after the season.

In other news, the tribe was trucking huge today! Big ups to all of you transient millenials who have finally returned from your exotic winter breaks and rejoined your tribe for the rest of eternity. Huge shoutout to our Gociety friends for merging communities and helping to build a healthier and huggier Denver. Our celebratory oar handle was passed from our resident Rockstar, Cisco, to our ergometer posterboy, Pete Morelli. 

Push it real good. See you Friday 6:15A at Governor’s Park Hills

Daisy and Brumit (I doubt those are your real names) joined Flanniel on the pavers for a knee-approved core and upper workout.
Plank you very much.

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