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In breaking news: The local gang of yahoos that refer to themselves as “November Project San Diego” experienced an assault of epic proportions this morning as they met for their weekly session of sweat, hugs and happiness. The authorities are still questioning the 42 witnesses, including one traverbaler from San Francisco, but it is believed the organizers of this mornings attack are still at large. Motives have yet to be calculated and it is unclear if the events were gang related. One witness described the chaos “like a Rocky Movie on steroids!” Investigators speculate the statement could have been construed from the lingering notes of “Eye of the Tiger” which rang from the NP SDers boom box just prior to the event (NP SD witnesses disagree). The November Project has been a growing force in the San Diego fitness scene and with it’s bright tribe members and their welcoming bear hugs, the wollop of this morning didn’t seem to dampen the energy they bring to the table every week. In the words of a neon clad San Diegan, “F**k yeah we’ll be back next week!”. In global news, world takeover is eminent… … …

Ya’ll got mugged today. And it was captured on FILM!!

Mugged for our NP yearbook – and you all looked so beautiful! As for the physical assault which took place at Kate Sessions Park this morning, well…yeah, sorry we’re not sorry. Way to kick ass on a workout that might have been designed while watching Blood Sport, flipping cars and eating pure protein…

PR workout next week – get ready to BRING IT! (extra points if your BRING IT ON, costumes welcome).
As always, Be Happy. Be Strong. Be Bright SD!

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