Option H (YYZ)

We let new leader Dan Beresh loose for his first blog post this week, and it turns out that he’s got a few things he needs to talk to us about.

I was going to write about my experience as a member of NP and now a leader.


I was going to wax poetic about how awesome NP really is.

But no.
Sam and Michelle had a different idea.
Its true that I gave them a list of options.
“Option H,” said Sam.
To be honest it might not have been H. It might have been G, or J, which as you probably know are pronounced interchangeably in English and French. Because you’re Canadian. Or you just know things. Work with me here. Some of this blog post may be made up.
“Option H,” said Sam, his big British voice commanding me to write.
“Okay, yes sir!” I squealed, from the corner of the cavernous dungeon chamber.
And then I wrote.
How close should one stand during the bounce?
Should one shy away from the leader?
Cower in the corner, like poor Dan?
Let’s get real. There is no corner.
How close?
If you’re asking the question, it’s because you COULD be closer.
You know what the winter months are like. Here are some words to describe potential feelings:
Ice Bath
Arctic Vortex
If you are wondering if you should get closer, the answer is always YES.
*physical uncomfort, not mental or emotional, you should be squished but above all it should be fun, maybe stay on the outside if you are claustrophobic or otherwise anxious*
What is all that body heat doing when it leaves your body?
Put it to work! Share it with your NP family. Especially if you’re in Canada. Where it is currently the beginning of February also known as
Yeah sure, we work out and work our asses off, but we’re also a community. So when your leader starts the bounce, get everyone in there and make it feel like we’re all in this together. 
Isn’t that what life is about?
– Next week – PR Day. It will be too cold to tag, but you can still earn your tag. Your PR tag.
– PR Day social. See social group for details.
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