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Whoa! It’s been a while…  Nothing like coming from Tampa Bay back into a -30 badge day!  News Flash : After being gone for a month, I’ve discovered that the tribe is still badass.  Everyone raced hard and some long time NPers finally got their badges of badassery.

In honour of you all getting up and thinking that -31C isn’t so bad to work out in…  Here are 31 15 (turns out 31 is a lot of things) things that are worse than -31C.  Parasitic foot worms, weak coffee, stepping on LEGO, bad wifi, -32C, litterers, Calgary, Coors light, volleyball spike to the face, mean dogs, taxes, stubbing your toe, getting pooped on by a bird, Facebook, dying.

Thanks for joining us this morning.  Friday we run hills and go visit CBC and Mark Connolly at Victoria Oval skating rink.  You’ll be a total badass if you skate after our workout and they will give you coffee and radio stardom in return.

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