Ongoing Culture Shift (Ottawa)

As we continue to share with you changes and shifts that have and are taking place, we thought it would be good to revisit this culture shift:

We have had some further conversations with individuals in the community who have been able to express their feelings around the hugging culture at November Project. We want to encourage people at November Project to step outside your comfort zone, and create a safe place to do this, and will continue to strive for this. However, we are not the ones to determine your comfort zone. Everyone’s comfort zone is different and if you are consistent, you will have the choice when you want to take those steps. It’s a good reminder for everyone to show up, to be listening and respecting those boundaries. 

We don’t know everyone’s story, their history and what they have been through. The following is an anonymous blog posted, one person’s individual experience. It was shared summer of 2017. We felt it was important to share again, for all of us; for those who may relate and for those who may not; for those who are new to NP, for those who have felt uncomfortable, for those whose comfort zones have never been a barrier to any of these thoughts or worries, to help us better understand.

How can we create a space that those who show up, know they will have the choice?

What we will do is provide choice- choice of hug or high five, choice of partner workouts and options, and we all need to do our part to make sure we are giving space for those comfort zones to grow, not placing people in a position where they are pushed faster than they want to. Please reach out to us to chat, we will always be there to listen.


  1. An announcement shared on the November Project Social page for virtually gathering for conversations. Please see this announcement and reach out to us, we will pass you on to Dean and Danielle.
  2. Read a guest blog from another city 

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