Happy Birthday NP Canada! (YEG)

Today is officially November Project Canada’s 7th birthday. 7 years ago, on Monday, July 15, 2013, Andrew spawned a group of early risers, inviting us to at Kinsmen Park, where the first of many-to-come deck workouts ensued. It was complete with fire drills that ripped us down some really fast slides.

Since that day we’ve had over 1000 workouts, meeting in person every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:00 AM until March 11, 2020. Since then, we’ve still worked to provide you with activities to hold one another accountable to move and connect while we navigate a space where we can’t meet face-to-face. To say it’s been difficult is an understatement. I miss seeing your faces, lighting up with your smiles, hearing your voices, and laughing with your stories. While I’ve enjoyed connecting virtually, there’s nothing that compares to the energy we create in the same space – an echoing bounce in the stadium, a high five as we pass on the hill, or the collective groan I love to hear when I announce that we’ve got one final burpee tabata! While it’s only been 4 months, 4 months of missing a community that for 6 years and 8 months I saw three times a week, it feels like a lifetime! We’ve shared in frosty -30 degree mornings, a surprise wedding, a grey cup visit, a mayoral visit, tobogganing and slip n’ slide workouts, wading pool tidal waves, multiple PR and Ol’ 96er/Gristle mornings, yearbook photos, tagging days, Sunrise 6Ks, and the list could go on and on. It’s been amazing to see connections made, friendships grow, confidences build, strength enhanced, barriers challenged, and successes recognized. And even in these last 4 months, it’s been encouraging to see you continue to connect, to have Lazina gift us by hosting Monday workouts, to have the global NP community host Wednesday workouts, and to see you bring the spice on Fridays. PS. thank you to everyone who posts about their workouts…they motivate me to keep moving too!)

These are our whys. My NP why has been challenged recently. My why has always been about the community, about lighting up for others, about celebrating your successes, and being a safe place for comfort when that was needed. It’s been good for me to reflect upon the last 7 years, and all that’s been built. We don’t know what the next 4 months will look like, nor the next year or 7 but I know that our community will continue to hold each other up, be there for one another in one way or another, and will evolve and grow with the changing times. As we look ahead we also are pumped to celebrate the last 7 years!

We are excited to host an NP birthday party unlike any we’ve hosted before. We would love for you to lace up your runners/get on your bikes and run or ride a route hitting some of our favourite NP playgrounds. We’ve selected 7 locations in honour of our 7th birthday for you to explore – you can hit them all or pick and choose based on how far you want to go. There are a couple that we highly recommend you visit**. There may be an extra special surprise at those locations – like maybe a special birthday tag (it might be a good idea to bring something you would like tagged😉 ), or the final NP button, or maybe even a yearbook photo opportunity!

As you make your way along your planned route please ensure you respect the safety of others, avoid gathering/congregating at the locations and, follow appropriate social distancing guidelines.

Birthday “Party” Details

  • Date: Saturday, July 18th
  • Time:  anytime between 8:00am -10:00 am
  • Location: Create your own route incorporating as many of the locations listed below.

NP Canada Birthday Route Locations 

Emily Murphy Hill/StatueWhile not our first Friday Hill, Emily Murphy Hill was our main Friday hill for a long time. Many cars were pushed up this hill during the winter. It is also where some of the most fun summer workouts were held – the slip n’ slide mornings!
**Walterdale Hill/Bridge**As the number of participants grew we needed a hill big enough to house everyone and big enough to challenge everyone. It’s the go-to Friday morning spot to get your sweat on. We also recommend that you run a “Walter” – the 1km loop of Walterdale Bridge, a more recently created NP Canada challenge.
**Royal Glenora Stairs/Ezio Faraone Air High 5**Every winter these stairs have been the go-to spot on Wednesdays with countless memories, exercises, and connections made. Make sure to complete the loop by giving Ezio Faraone an air high 5. After so many high fives the hand of the constable has started to shine.
LRT BridgeThis bridge has been the site of many very cold workouts during January Bridge month. It has also often hosted Nadim’s favourite workout – Bridge Wars.
River Vally RoadRun all or a portion of our Sunrise 6K route. River Valley Road has been the site of some pretty epic run stories from first races to personal bests, emotional finish lines, frosty faces, and surprise light shows at the turnaround.
Kinsmen ParkThis is the site of our very first workout. A deck of cards workout complete with slide fire drills and mosquitos feasting on us! This space also hosted the surprise NP Canada Wedding where we all celebrated the union of Nonnie and Ian. That was an unforgettable Monday!
**Legislature Wading Pool**Canada Day isn’t quite the same without a dip in the Legislature wading pool. Diving for hockey pucks and creating tidal waves will always mark this spot in NP Canada history.
(** indicates locations we don’t think you’ll want to miss😉)

Until next time (maybe Saturday)…SMILE! J

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