Ol’ Murder Eyes (BAL)

#NPSUMMIT gave us a slew of new ideas to bring back to the Baltimore tribe. Some of these ideas were recruiting-related, others workout-related, and, as is featured in this post, some ideas were ways to keep our neighbors (the ones who decide not to join us…LAME) happy while still being weird and fun.

With that, we give you: the murder eyes/whisper (textbook demonstration below by Angelo, co-leader of NP_LAX)


The murder eyes/whisper is a way to get as pumped up as possible for our workout without being cited by the police for public disturbance. And, as Nick and I found out today, it’s probably the easiest way to seriously creep out newbies.

The murder eyes didn’t end with the bounce, though. Ohhhhh no. Instead, we asked that you chose a partner for the workout; someone who you didn’t necessarily run hills with, but with whom you shared a special connection. Every time you passed that person on the hill, you were required to stop, put on your “murder whisper” face, and do five squats with him/her, not breaking eye contact and CERTAINLY not laughing or smirking. If you couldn’t hold that straight face, you had to start your five squat count all over again. From what I witnessed, you all have terrifying murder whisper faces and did not disappoint with the straight faces.

A huge shout-out to the newbies who joined us today! I promise you that we’ve never ACTUALLY used our murder eyes/whisper…right guys?

ALSO, while Sydney sadly could not join us today in Baltimore, she put in her sweat equity in DC…with her dad! Mr. Van Horn apparently DOMINATED the NP_DC workout and loved every second of it! #hiscalvesarebiggerthanmythighs


PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: If you aren’t running in the Baltimore Running Festival on October 18th, join us at the NP Baltimore water stop! It’s the first water stop for the half-marathoners and is going to be crazy busy. With that in mind, we need a HUGE showing of volunteers to keep the runners happy by providing them with water and showing them how much fun we have at November Project. Let’s show Baltimore how kick-ass our community is!

Join us Wednesday at 6:30AM (5:30 if you want to ride the NP train but 6:30 doesn’t work with your schedule!) at Rash Field. We promise you it will be the best morning of your week.

Enjoy the weekend,



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