Three Times the Grind (DEN)

Todays workout was brought to you in multiples of 3. You brought your two besties right? Well it seemed like it as the masses flocked to Congress Park soccer field on the corner of 8th & Josephine Streets.

At this park lies a 120-meter (3×40) stretch of weathered, stone stairs. Most chose to sit on these stairs at the beginning of the workout. Not so slow, my friends. These stairs were made for… well, they were made for spectators to sit and watch soccer games, but in November Project parlance – these stairs were made for sweating.

3-part workout. First part: groups of 6 (3×2) attacked a section of stairs for 6-minutes straight. Tally ho. Second part: groups of 3 executing a rest-free circuit of sprints, 9-pushups (just go with it tribe), 3xStairs, and forever planks. Tally hey. Third part: reform to original groups of 6 and repeat 6-minute stair attack. Tally hum.

Ho Hey Hum, the tribe added up their reps on the stairs to compare the first 6-minutes to the final 6-minutes. Overall group winners will be awarded with a free workouts next WEDNESDAY at Civic Center Amphitheater.

In other news, there were also 3 confirmed broken verbals today. No bueno. What is a verbal and why is it so important to the tribe? Verbals are the foundation of our workouts, our success, and our health. In fact our forefathers (BG & BM) made a tattoo verbal if they ever got 300 people to a workout. Mission Executed.

Yours, Lt.

FRI 6PM  Run To Happy Hour @ Governor’s Park Tavern: Meet at 6PM at Governor’s Park Tavern for a 3.5 mile run around Cheesman Park. Return to Tavern at 6:40PM for 2-for-1 Happy Hour Specials. For more info see Gociety event.

WED 615AM (5:30A Early Group) @ Civic Center Amphitheater. We run for PRs on the Clover Course. Earn your PR Clover. #3,014: If you bring ninety new friends you earn a PR Clover even if you don’t PR . #notlying

Recruit Jenny Simpson: @TrackJenny #JennySimpson #recruitJenny5280

Did you know we were in Wikipedia???

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