Oh what a beautiful morning (BOS)

It’s MONDAY!  What did you do with your morning?  Did you get up and move your body?  Did you run, bike, walk, shimmy, or get yourself to Destination Deck in one of the most beautiful spots in Boston?  The sun was blazing, the ocean was perfect and oceany, and we were standing on the point of Long Wharf, which sticks wayyy out into Boston Harbor and is pretty much the best spot to enjoy the city skyline, the water, and the sunshine.  Oh, and the killer, whoop-your-ass, FREE workout with a pretty fine group of human beings.  It was ideal for enjoying that too.

If you were moving with us, you know that we did a circuit that involved wheelbarrows, sprints, air squats, bench dips, pushups, wall-jumps, and lunges.  We did these in 4 stations, with a partner.  We did 2 minutes at each station, 45 sec of work, 15 sec of rest–so each partner could do both exercises at the station.  Station 1: wheelbarrows for each partner.  Station 2: Partner 1 sprints down and back, partner 2 does a shit-ton of airsquats as fast as possible.  Station 3: Partner 1 does bench dips, partner 2 does pushups.  Station 4: Partner 1 does wall-jumps at either the high wall or low wall (no one jumped so far on the wall they fell in the harbor!), partner 2 does lunges.

It was fast. It was a little messy as the tribe tried to get from station to station so quickly. I saw a lot of arms being shaken out, especially at the dip/pushup station.  And I saw a consistent struggle to keep moving.  You know the feeling when your body is starting to give out, you’re heart is about to explode out of your chest and head, and your muscles are fatigued because you’re doing A LOT of challenging movements?  That moment when every cell in your body is like, “DUDE! Just fucking stop the madness!” but your Tribe Den Mother (that’s me) is yelling to keep going and do it faster… “#RaceEverything!” And you have to reconcile the demand in your body to rest and recover with the demand of your tribe to push through and get more out of the workout.


I’ll tell you this…lots of people talk to me after workouts.  The thing that more people say than anything else, is how good it felt when they thought they were a) going to die, b) about to quit and go home, or c) slow down just a little bit because they were getting so tired BUT INSTEAD they 1) remembered that pain is temporary and all workouts come to an end–they would not die, 2) looked at their partner or movement neighbor and realized that he/she wasn’t quitting so neither would they, and 3) didn’t want to slow down because they wanted to be bigger, badder, harder-core, and tougher than this freaking workout.  And there they are telling me how they did it!  They kept moving, despite the fear, pain, and disbelief.  And fortunately, this is very much the key to all progress in life.  One step.  One more movement. One small moment of time more. A simple “YES” out of our mouths, rather than a “NO” in our heads.  Little bits, little bites, little steps that keep us moving.  I frequently keep thinking about how Bojan and BG talk about the beginning spark of NP…to just keep moving through the cold, winter, and busyness of life.

Please take this beautiful morning.  Turn it into a beautiful day.

Keep changing the world.

Keep moving!

🙂 Emily

other announcements

  • Congratulations to everyone who raced this past weekend!  There was nothing but race photos in my FB, IG, and Twitterville media streams.  The Tribe Races Everything!
  • We will be meeting on Wednesday at HARVARD STADIUM.  There will be a 5:30am group for those who think they’re more badass than the “soft” 6:30 group.  There will be a 6:30am group for everyone who still gets up before the rest of the world and runs the same stairs as the 5:30am group.  It will be hard.  It will be fierce.  It will be warm.  It will be sunny.  There will be Newbies (bring some of your own).  There will be skin (show some of your own).

I want you to #VERBAL now!  Don’t hesitate and wait to verbal.  Don’t “not verbal” because you might not show up.  The whole damn point of the verbal is to commit to doing it and then follow through on doing it.  To “quote” our friends at Nike, just fucking do it. Do it.  Do it now.  NOW!  Move!!

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