October 16th (YEG)

Did you know that October 16th is the 289th day of the year? That means that there are only 76 days remaining in 2015. Do you remember all the way back to January 1st? Did you set any goals back then as you reflected on 2014 and thought about what you wanted to achieve in 2015? Well you still have 76 days to still achieve those goals. You can do a lot in 76 days!

Maybe you wanted to make it out to a November Project workout…so glad if you’ve already achieved that goal, if you haven’t, guess what…there’s still time to do it before 2016…in fact you still have 32 opportunities to hang out with this sweaty, friendly, positive tribe!

Maybe you wanted to run your first race…guess what, there will be a bunch of tribe members to cheer you on this Sunday if you choose the MEC Last Hurrah to be that race.

Maybe you wanted to complete the Ol96er…#boom, some of you nailed that this fall…for those of us who didn’t quite make it…sorry, can’t help you get there for 2015 but pushing yourself Wednesdays up and down the Royal Glenora Stairs, getting one more section in each month…that’s what will get us closer and ready to hit that goal in 2016.

Remember, as the year flies by and it is dark and cold in the mornings and you feel like hibernating, you can count on November Project to support, encourage, and cheer you on as you pursue greatness! This great community knows no end!

What’s Coming UP – This weekend, next week and November 8th

SUNDAY: MEC The Last Hurrah  5, 10, 15 KM A bunch of us will be out Sunday for this run, looks like it is going to be a beautiful fall morning!

MONDAY: Run TO – Destination Workout – Run AWAY Monday’s workout will start with a short run to our destination. Plan your route so that you are at Victoria Park for 6 AM. Here are some options: For a shorter run start at Royal Glenora Stairs (just under 1km). For a slightly longer run start at Government House (just over 1km). For an even slightly longer run start from Kinsmen (just over 2 km). For an even longer run pick your own route. The Destination Workout will be planned to take about 20-25 minutes so you will have time to run back to your vehicles and still get to work promptly!


WEDNESDAY: Royal Glenora Stairs

FRIDAY: Walterdale Hill

SAVE the DATE: Sunday, November 8th – Better then Bedtime

If you haven’t already watched the amazing DOOSTER NPSummit 2015 recap, do so now…do so many times…just do it!



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