Tell Me a Story (DEN)

Today in NP5280land we climbed some stairs, did the amount of stairs you ran x 2 in burpees, dialed in our cores and told some stories around the proverbial camp fire. The 5:30 group told a story that can best be summarized as “your mothers warranty at the pink panty sale”, and the only thing that I got out of the 6:15 story was, “penis.” Now, I’d like to take this chance to tell you a story thats very near and dear to my heart. About two years ago, a few crazy fools gathered at City Park for the very first official NP-DEN workout (after two months of the LieutenantGeneral pledging with a few people and a few babies). The next week we found our home at Civic Center Park. Week in and week out more and more people came, embraced the weird, raced,  got faster,  made new friends, made new family,  met their spouses, inhaled more paint fumes, defaced more expensive workout gear to make it #grassroots original, smiled a little brighter, hugged a little harder and pushed each other to new limits. Well, that was then, and this is two whole years later of an amazing community that keeps getting stronger and better. So, next Wednesday please join us for the terrible two birthday celebration of November Project Denver we’re we’ll be playing with pumpkins and dropping a BIG announcement on your heads. Say what now? Yes, we have a big announcement for you that you won’t want to miss so be there or be pumpkinless. Do I have to lure you with food? Fine. There will be food.

Good luck to all the racers doing their thing out on the Rock n Roll course this weekend! Keep an eye out for the loudest and most radical cheer station/water station on the block.

**disclaimer, if you do not get or forget a pumpkin, please do not #notshowup. You are always encouraged to #justshowup

Drop love bombs on your community this weekend. Love always- Gen.

Next Wednesday will be at CIVIC CENTER PARK (10/21).

NP5280 celebrates turning ONE last year.
NP5280 celebrates turning ONE last year.
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