Octo 16

We “got a little bounce” at the end of the workout……….is that weird Boston?

This Friday morning MSN saw former leader DG for perhaps the last Friday for a while.  MKE is barrelling down the 100 human threshold and will perhaps be adding a second workout soon.  Go get your Friday Milwaukee bretheren.

Today Madison woke up to an Octopus 16 set.  Navigating around the Capital Square, bombing in to touch the building 8 times and then killing the final staircase on repeat until the 16 minutes ran out.    The second half of the workout was a blurr of stair sprints and classic akward NP exercises, chanting and dancing abound.  Before finally sending the masses towards their weekend, Ted made sure to huddle the herd up for a little cool down bounce.

What a thrill to turn down the first staircase of the morning and see an endless stream of bright shirts stampeding up towards you.  Wow!  If the bike ride in didn’t wake you up and your headphones didn’t put a smile on your face… that sure as hell will take care of both.  Stairs on sunny Friday, how did we ever live without em?!

Np stairs 2



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