Know June

Guys and gals!? It is June! We talk and complain and discuss and question the weather all freakin’ year long in hopes of June, and guess what!? June is here!

We are very happy to report that many groups from our tribes in Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, DC, Philly, NYC, and here in Boston are signing up to race along side the leadership summit at The Endurance Challenge in Wisconsin this fall. If you’re interested in the largest gathering of November Project leaders and racers and would like to join please sign your team up today by using NOVPROJ25WI and get 25% off. We understand that it is a trek but maybe you can use some of that dough you’ve saved over the last X number of months via free fitness to buy yourself a nice motel in the Wisconsin. Think about it.

We’ll be racing in the Marathon Relay on Saturday so please build your teams of two or four now to take this thing on. If you have any questions please reach out to Bojan or myself in the next few weeks. Speaking of the next few weeks, we’re pumped to announce that Micah Risk-Uspensky & Rachel Nelson will be racing as a two-woman team with us in Ontario. There is also a 4-woman team that is almost complete from Boston but details remain up in the air. NOTE: Bojan and I are racing all of these this year as a way to stay on track with weekend racing. Same deal applies if any of you would like to pull the wild road trip or can find a cheap airline ticket. This year is whatever you’d like to make it. Fitness, adventure, road trips, discovering new places, new friends, and the structure of a new/weird trail race that might just change your life.

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MONDAY: We’ll host our workout known as #DestinationDeck at the Christian Science Plaza on Mass Ave. WARNING: This will be fun and funny and amazing. Run there. Do whatever crazy shit we tell you. Run home. Start the best week of your life. Think we’re exaggerating? Just try and prove us wrong. 6:27AM.

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