5, 10, 15, With The Spice of Beach Balls

– 5 Burpees.
– 10 wall jumps.
– 200 meter dash.
– 15 air-squats.

– For 15 minutes as fast as you can.
– While meeting new friends that pass you beach balls.

That was our workout summarized in 6 bullet points. But there was so much more to it. The beautiful sunrise peaking behind 177 Huntington building. Commuters crossing through plaza not really being sure about what’s going on. Fighting the urge to run through the reflection pool…If you asked 200+ people that showed up today, what’s one unique experience they got form this morning, you’d get 200+ different answers.

Both BG and I spent 5 years (plus/minus) at Northeastern that’s just around the corner, lived in Boston for over dozen years, and during that time walked through Christian Science Plaza few hundred times. But this morning I had a first. I never taken a photo next to the reflection pool. Can you believe that!? I took all these beautiful buildings for granted for so long – never really comprehending how majestic they are – never really taking time to capture them in a photo. So as I was going through the photos from this morning I came to the realization… Man, I really love Boston!


Special thanks to our new friend Toni from who let us complete the workout at Christian Science Plaza even though we didn’t ask for a permission. Toni, you’re a nice lady and we promise to announce ourselves next time we’re in the area.

Tomorrow, our yearbook photos from #NP17 will drop on the world and in the process will break facebook. Stay tuned!

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