No I In Team (WLA)

Why is community important? Because it helps us grow both as individuals and as a team. There is no I in team and doing things with others versus doing them alone is a hell of a lot more fun and rewarding for everyone involved.

Last week when Maggie had been released from surgery, she knew she wouldn’t be in the right state to lead the workout with me and be her loud, screaming self. It was obvious that I was going to be leading the workout solo. I remember a couple times back when I used to lead LAX when I led solo, those were actually some of the most memorable workouts. Why? Because I was able to bring in some of the tribe members to step up and take on some of the responsibility. It felt way more in unison with us all doing it together, rather than an “us doing it for them” kind of situation. You don’t have to be a co-leader to lead and take care of your tribe, and you don’t have to lead alone- regardless if your co leader is there or not.

What I’ve noticed that’s been happening more and more is people in our tribe have been stepping up and taking on responsibilities on their own. That is what is molding us to become such a well-oiled machine. I remember when we were pledging and I reached out to Amanda- who’s currently solo leading one of the newest NP tribes- Syracuse (#holler) and said to her ‘Damn girl! I can’t believe you’re doing that all by yourself. I know it’s possible, but damn- not having a second person to help must be so challenging!’ She replied that she has such a solid group of helpers that step up by taking photos and being active on social media, and this system was working for them. They were building that foundation so strongly because of all the help from the tribe members.

There’s always going to be someone who’s tapering for a race, injured, or just not in the mood to workout, and having somewhat of a purpose can allow them to continue showing up. Jose who was tapering for ALC last week offered to be on instastory #content duty, and he did a KILLER job recording our troops looking fly AF while crushing stairs. It was so sweet to hear from Kat, ‘I’m battling a back injury but still want to come and support so put me to work lady!!” She then offered to pick up a giant card for Maggie that we all could sign, but I had to tell her “Carolyn G is already on it (bless your sweet heart, Carolyn) but THANK YOU!!” Having another set of cheering hands at the top of our PR day course helped so much. Caroline was also feeling a bit under the weather and asked if she could bring her camera and help take photos instead of run the course. All of the yes, Caroline!! All of the yes. Allie Gibbs showed up for the first time last week, saw me running around like a maniac with speakers in my backpack and offered to come to one of our future PR Days with her DJ equipment and DJ our workout. How cool is that??! And having our man Justin consistently help with photos has been a game changer. His skills are right up there with Nick Isabella and he has such an amazing eye for this stuff. He does it all voluntarily and still gets as much of a workout in as he desires. Justin- we appreciate your help more than you know, but if you ever stopped taking photos we would love you just the same!

What I’m trying to say is – what makes a tribe work is letting your people into the planning and the helping and knowing that we’re all in this together. There’s nothing I love more than someone coming to us with an idea or a suggestion and taking steps to make those ideas and suggestions become reality. I’ll never forget being a little bummed when Easter fell right next to PR day and thinking, darn it- we can’t plan a fun holiday workout because it’s PR day. Well, our girl Bri who loves this holiday the most came up with a plan and offered to bring some plastic eggs filled with candy and scatter them around for people to find during the workout- it was the perfect amount of the spirit we love and still allowed us to keep the planned workout in tact.

To our West LA wallabies – don’t take this blog as  ‘oh shit, I have to step up and help more.’ That is not my intention. My intention is to acknowledge those who have stepped up, share my gratitude and recognize that it is so very much appreciated. But at the end of the day, you all showing up is the most important thing, and your presence alone will never get old. So keep showing up, and keep spreading our vibes across the Westside and invite everyone you meet into this oasis of love and positivity.

Big congrats to our main man JOSH for receiving the surfboard award this month! Ride that wave, baby!

Shravas, we will miss you SO MUCH! Thanks for the extended #traverbal!! Have fun back in BROOKLYN!


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