Big Ole’ Weekend Coming UP! (IND)


No #stairsforbreakfast this morning as they were blocked off (and apparently will continue to be as they put a new roof on the War Memorial) so we took it to the streets…well, sidewalks anyway.  A rainbow running pattern (around the block) and then 6 exercise stations each corresponding to a color of the Pride rainbow. A good way to kick off Pride weekend in Indy!!

Friday’s Motor Speedway Deets:

(Turn 2 of the IMS – the site of our NEXT WORKOUT)

We will be working out in Turn 2 – the Southeast Vista to be exact.  You will want to enter off of 16th street like you are going to the Brickyard Crossing Golf Course. Once you turn in the entrance to the golf course, turn left and park in the spots next to Gate 4.  You should see us with a table and some signs.  Please don’t park right next to the golf course clubhouse as that is for the golfers.

When you get there, you will need to sign the IMS waiver.  We will be stationed in front of the gate so that nobody can enter the gate until they have signed a waiver.  We cannot distribute them ahead of time as they are all individually numbered.

Get there at 6am to get your waiver signed and all that.  The workout will begin PROMPTLY at 6:30am.

No Coast Deets:

While the actual events are going to remain secret – the plan for the day is set.  The official #nocoast event will begin at noon (12pm) right outside of the Indiana State Museum. If you want to pay to park you can park below the Indiana State Museum (our meeting spot is above the lot) or try to find parking on Washington St. Otherwise, just walk, run, ride, fly, uber, or teleport there. Either way, give yourself plenty of time as downtown will be beaming with pride (seriously though, downtown will be crowded so give yourself time to figure it out).

(See this green? Yea, meet here at NOON on Saturday)

This is a November Project event so assume some activity/sweating will be involved but we won’t be “working out” the entire time.  It won’t be a 4 hour NP workout, it will be fun…but wear running shoes is all I’m saying. Also – bring a phone if you can…I’m sure most people will do that anyway.

The activities will wrap up around 4pm. At which time you will be able to go shower, maybe grab a bite to eat and chill before the after party.

After Party – We have secured a “private” room at Sun King Brewery starting at 6pm!! The “premier” brewery in Indy and the OG when it comes to microbreweries! We assured them we could fill the room, so we HIGHLY encourage anybody and everybody to come to the party.  Can’t make it to #nocoast during the day?  No problem you and all your friends are still invited to party down at Sun King.  There is a small “deli” there but I would advise eating before or after the event as it isn’t exactly a meal. The finger food they do have is Goose the Market, however, which is FIRE. So we highly recommend it if you are feeling a bit peckish.  We have the room from 6pm until about 9pm and will likely have plenty of momentum to continue to explore the Indy scene after that!

We have no official plan yet for those who will be here Friday night, but we will get something together and find a good spot to all rendezvous!! It will likely be downtown so STAY TUNED.


Next Wednesday we will be shooting our annual Yearbook Photos!! We only do this once a year and you don’t want to miss out, so show up.  The theme is simple: November Project – so wear an NP tag and NP gear.  All the photos from all the tribes from around the world will be dropped on June 28th!!


It’s gonna be a great weekend, y’all!! I can’t wait!

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