Ever consider the metaphor in Backpack Day (aka #SleepingBear) at the stadium?  You put a pack on your back with weight in it and you feel more weight, more gravity pulling you down to the ground.  The effort required to carry that can feel like a burden.  It feels harder to move like normal, harder to get as far as you usually do, and it just takes longer to do what should already be done.  How many moments in life do we feel we are carrying a heavy pack and the effort is a burden?  When everything feels harder and the simple acts of life are just more difficult.  But the metaphor doesn’t end with the weight of the pack mirroring the challenges we face in our jobs, our families, our relationships, our finances, our health…  In the stadium, we choose to put the packs on and train on the stairs because it makes us stronger for the times when we don’t have that extra load to bear.  In life, the heavy shit will land on us sometimes, but it’s important to remember that just like in the stadium, where doing it together and sharing the challenge with each other makes it easier to show up fully, in life we don’t have to feel alone either.  The burden will not always feels so heavy–because we do get stronger, especially when we have supportive human beings around us.  Hugs, high fives, positive words, good vibes, and shared movement go a long way.  (…also, hydrating and fueling our bodies well doesn’t hurt in either situation).

I always look around on backpack day and think about the difficult shit people carry around– the “too-big” bags on the outside and the “too-big” feels on the inside aren’t really all that different from each other.  But never underestimate the power of a positive community to help you get stronger as you carry your load.  We don’t have to carry those packs forever, no matter what they’re made of.

Keep changing the world, friends.


  • NP YEARBOOK PHOTOS! will be held on June 20th.  start telling everyone you know to come to NP and get their photo in the yearbook.  It will be epic and you don’t want to miss it.  Theme for photos is coming soon.
  • The next NP SOCIAL EVENT will be on June 23rd.  (Saturday)  block your calendar.  Don’t make other plans.  And definitely, definitely plan to show up.  Socializing.  Fitness.  All the fun.  Just say yes.
  • All the hype for this weekend and the #ECSMA race happening at Mt. Wachusett.  See below to learn about all the social and racing stuff from our friends at NP_WOO.

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