News from Boston (3.8.19)

Here’s all the news you never realized you wanted, from a cold Friday morning in Beantown.

You Can PR, Even in March.

If you are one of those people who say, “why bother [racing/running/showing up in the winter?!? It’s just too cold!” Today is proof that that’s bullshit. Plenty of badass humans showed up, threw everything they had at the hills, and set those Personal Records today. It can happen, but you gotta show up and work hard.

Mike set a PR today. No big deal. Just crushing hills.

If It’s Your Birthday and There’s Snow on the Ground, You’re Gonna Get Covered in Snow.

Dylan had one of the proud hands raised when asked, “Who PR’d today?” and then he threw it back up for, “Who’s birthday is today?” So we had him lay down in the snow and get more snow thrown on top of him while we sang “Happy Birthday” to him. It’s maybe the worst. And definitely the best.

Before Dylan got covered in snow.

Showing Up to Run Hills is Fun Because You Just Might Get Your Picture Taken

We always have that camera out. We’re always looking for the fierce faces, the fun smiles, those perfect moments of high-fives and epic effort…and if you work hard enough and have juuuust enough fun, you’ll end up with a sweet new photo to throw up on the ‘gram. Case in point today…

Heard just before the photo was taken, from experienced NP’er to new dude, “and now we gotta JUMP!”

Eric Klawiter’s Post-Race Face or Bojan’s Group Photo Face?? Too Close to Call.

These too are actually a never-ending source of entertainment for any of us who take and look at photos of all of you at least three times each week. If you’re not already checking out their social media and all photos they’re in at NP workouts, definitely get on their list of followers. It’s worth it. @ericklawiter and @bmandaric. And while we’re at it, let’s take a poll…who wore it better today?

It’s Capozzi’s Birthday on Sunday (March 10th) and ALL He Wants For His Bday is for YOU to #JustShowUp on Monday.

MONDAY DESTINATION DECK workout at 6:29am will be at Fidelis Way Park, in Brighton. Map is right up in here, and you should most definitely find a friend or family member, neighbor, roommate, or absolute stranger to bring along with you. It’ll be more fun and Capozzi will love it. SEE YOU THERE!

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