LAX turns 5

This morning we celebrated November Project Los Angeles turning 5 years old! 5 years of goofy free fitness that has built a beautiful community.

A lot of people dread the idea of going back to school, but I was stoked for this morning’s workout. Here is an early “You’re Welcome!” for the sore ass tomorrow for those of you that had to skip a high school lap, congratulations to all that predicted a perfect March Madness bracket, and I’m sorry for forgetting to sign all of those permission slips!

This wouldn’t be LA if we didn’t get every other tribe to give us a slight eye roll, so we FINALLY gave you all the burnout you’ve been asking for: NAP TIME! As you laid there in savasana, listening to Vitamin C remark about all the times we spent together, I hope you were reminded of why you #justshowup.

From the last 5 years, to the next 5 years and beyond, thank you to everyone who has been a part of this wacky family. Together, we make early mornings something to look forward to!

Do good, LA!


Los Angeles Marathon is 3/24 Yes, it’s now less than 3 weeks away!! That being said, we are STILL looking to fill up an awesome water station at Mile 22. Trust me, this is the place where people need our help handing out water and screaming out butts off. Questions? Reach out to Molly Pearlman and/or Rachel Goldstein.

Fun Fact: So you’ve drank the NP Kool-Aid, let’s talk about the actual Kool-Aid beverage. First created in Hastings, Nebraska and originally called Fruit Smack. You can deep fry it or add it to pickles! Ohhhhhhhhh yeah.

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