New Year, New Nose…

Have you ever wondered why it is hard to breathe when running? Or why you can’t talk and run at the same time? Or why you can only breathe through your mouth?  Well, I found out last week why. To break it down into layman’s terms, my septum in my nose was completely blocking my right nostril.  And if that wasn’t enough, it decided it would block part of my left nostril also.

This whole journey started with a trip to Madison, WI and a stranger name Syd.  The trip to Madison was for the #NPSummit this September and Syd was my roommate for the event whom I was meeting for the first time. Of course, Syd the “stranger” only lasted for 3 seconds before we were embraced in a massive bear hug and converted from “stranger” to “life long best friend”.  After my first night of bunking, my ex stranger and new life long best friend, Syd informed me that there was a whistling when I was breathing and that she heard a clicking sound of some sort throughout the night.

This discovery led me to have my “whistling” problem looked into, at which time I was told I needed surgery. So last Tuesday I had the surgery.  It was not pretty, but medically speaking everything went well.  Then yesterday, I had all of my hardware removed and I can already notice a huge difference. The very unfortunately side effect of this is that I am unable to exercise for at least 3 weeks.   But I vow to come back strong and promise that my the first workout when I return to will be with #NP_NO!

It has been very lonely these past two Wednesday mornings, not waking up the sun with my nearest and dearest friends at 6:00 am!

My absence has lead me to reflect on NPNO and what it has meant to me.  Not only have I made new friends, gotten job contacts, learned the ins and outs of legal system and public property…. but I also learned my nose was pretty screwed up (I’d say F*** but I know my Mom is going to read this and she already has deal with me for the past week post surgery! Thanks Mom, you are awesome!)

So really, where would I be without Syd from #NP_BAL? Oh that’s right, gasping for air after hitting the stairs!

Love all you tribe members! See you in the next week or two!



Congrats to Greg on his super speedy running skills and killing the PR course. Can’t wait to run it with you! I am very jealous of you right now!


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