Hug your Winter (MSP)

If you haven’t heard, it’s winter in Minneapolis.

Winter came early, then disappeared for a month, and now its back… maybe forever!! Weather is bigger than our city, and even bigger than November Project #WorldTakeover. So when the elements erupt in a northern state like Minnesota, we are presented with two options: hibernate on your couch wrapped around a barrel of Cheese-Balls until Spring…  Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 10.40.44 AM

…or pop on an extra layer and embrace the badass nature of your city.


We executed option II yesterday morning. Reps from Boston and Madison joined in, while our wounded leader Ian, and designated FireFighter Jeremy snapped pictures. Our workout strayed from the posh comfort of plowed streets. Instead, we dug our toes deep into the snow.


This morning’s workout took place next to, on top of, and all the way around the Cinnamon Roll shaped hill in Gold Medal Park. We began at the base of one side of the hill. There we dashed all the way up, then back down, 3 times. After the 3 sprints up, 1 big lap up the spiral sidewalk to the hill top was completed. This running circuit was done continuously throughout the workout, at a pace challenging to each tribesmen. At 10, 20, and 30 minutes into the workout, the entire tribe united at the hilltop for a cycle of “Flying Dutchmen” lunges, dips, pushups, and snowy mountain climbers. For the first cycle we completed 20 seconds of each, then 40 seconds on the second, and a full minute per exercise to finish out the morning.


The tribe was powerful this morning. Show up next Wednesday and every Wednesday to follow as we celebrate the next year of November Project Minneapolis!!

Wednesdays, Mill City Museum, 6:27am

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