In Season Weather (NYC)

In season.  There is no better way to describe the weather we are experiencing right now than the way Nina did this morning, “In Season.”  Its winter, and its exactly what we would expect for this time of year.  #WEATHERPROOF is what we call it I believe.  And from here until who knows, we could talk about how cold it was this morning.  How when you took your hat after the workout, you went to put it back on after the group photo and it was frozen and felt like a cardboard box.  Or how when Bailey brought us some coffee to warm us up and it froze almost immediately to the side of the wall.  So we wake up, maybe hit the snooze, and then roll out of bed and out the door.  And its worth it.  EVERY DAY IT’S WORTH IT. And everyday we show up in whatever the weather throws at us.  But enough about freezing hats and weird coffee science experiments.

No difference today.  Kept the workout simple with the Shamrock workout.  35mins with push-ups, dips, and step-ups.  No spice, no trainwreck protion, not switching up the course.  Just a badass workout with some fierce humans pushing each other through bitter cold from start to finish.  Every stair, every dip, reaching out to the person next to you, whether they are on your lap or not.  Working each other, keeping that person who may be passing you push harder.  Passing someone and telling them to keep up for the last push up the steps.  Telling the person across from you, “We are going to double this time.” And you know what the best part is? Your response is always FUCK YEA.  Always.


One last thought, make sure you get your Accountabilibuddy.  Find that person by the end of January and start to get on your Fitness Resolution.  This person is there for you the entire year to keep you on track and accountable.  If they aren’t kicking you in ass when you mess up, let them know to get on you.  Work for it in 2015.  Make it happen.

FRIDAY (1/16): Corlears Park (Off Grand St, LES).  We went to this location earlier this summer, and are going back.  Lots of stairs like last Friday, so be ready.

NEXT FRIDAY (1/23): Morningside Park (116th & Morningside Dr.).  Going north for this workout, so get those Upper West Side friends to this one, tell them to #JustShowUp.

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