New Goals: Boston

There’s a saying I think of often that goes “every moment is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

Even if we run the same work out every single week of August, which we call #Frogust, each week is its own unique, beautiful, challenging, awesome experience. And even if you set the same goal for yourself every single week, Tadpoleman, Pollywogman, Frogman, or Bullfrogman, each time you set a brand new goal. The distance can be the same but the effort, the attempt, and the experience is once-in-a-lifetime.

I challenged everyone this morning to work as hard as you could and to pick a goal — which should be something you have to work hard for! And because this week is different than last week and will be different than next week in so many ways, we can only set out on the goal right in front of us today and do our best. And what I love about Frogust is the clarity we all have as we finish the workout each week. My goal was Pollywogman and I didn’t quite get to 40 sections? Then I set my sights again on Pollywogman next week and it’s a new goal because I’m starting with a new level of experience, practice, training, and desire to move me toward it next week. Or say my goal was Tadpoleman and I finished those 30 beautiful sections…then my new goal for next week is to move to Pollywogman and see what I can accomplish.

We don’t need to change the goals in order to come at them from a new perspective or with a new mindset of confidence or experience. And in the times when our goals do change, we can bring along the confidence, accomplishment, and growth we developed in reaching the previous goal.

We are all training for something and whatever it is, it’s worthwhile. Maybe it’s a race, or PR day at the end of the month, or maybe it’s simply (and so importantly) life that we’re training for. But whatever it is, let’s let Frogust remind us of the value in setting goals–and setting new goals–each time we show up. This moment, each and every one, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so let’s get after it!

Next week: #frogust week 4. Get ready!


Global Climbing Day is on Saturday, 8.18.18. Go climb for free and The North Face donates $1 for each climber to a non-profit organization helping climbers in Nepal with education & equipment. CHECK IT OUT

NP_SUMMIT 6.0 is still coming up on Sept 15-16 in Milwaukee and you just don’t want to miss out. It’s trail racing, and friendship forming, and fun having, and community building and exploring all in one weekend event. #ESCWI is worth showing up to! CHECK IT OUT

Want to coordinate with other people who are interested in and/or already going to these events? Join the NP Boston Social Facebook group and talk to them.

Hey Boston, have a great day!

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