Avengers, let’s save the world.

A lot of great energy out there this morning tribe. Won’t belabor it, but I’m on a huge Marvel kick (thanks, Jenn!). In particular, I just watched the new Avengers: Infinity War, and damn was that shit GOOOOD.

So inspired by that, we hosted an Avengers workout today.

Here’s the inspirational shit. Sure, we played around pretending like we saved the world. But in many ways, though we might not be saving the world, we really are changing lives… At each workout, we’re touching other lives with our high-fives, positivity, and encouragement. And you can’t possibly imagine the impact those tiny interactions can make.

Just like the Avengers. As one, you may be powerful, but as many, we’re unstoppable.

Be strong, tribe.




TONIGHT, NPSD Gear Swap at Garage Kitchen + Bar Downtown. Show up any time after 5 PM for happy hour, but the swap starts at 6!

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