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After we tricked you into working super hard on Monday by throwing a game of tag into the workout, we got an onslaught of messages telling us how sore you all were. We love hearing that, so we decided to make Wednesday just as hard. Agility is something that Zip used to do with Tweeners back in the day, bringing his DI soccer skills to the table, but we figured it was time to bring it back to the main stage today. And unless you’re Ryan “Speedster” Scura, you probably realized that it’s harder than it looks. Don’t worry, we’ll be bringing it back soon enough.

We have a bunch of announcements for you:

This Friday, hills are in the East Bay at Claremont Canyon. Meeting spot is here. Let’s show some love to NP OAK and all the East Bay badasses who come west for Friday hills almost every week.

Next Friday is the main event – Sunrise 6k! Treasure Island, 6am, NPSF and NPOAK face off in the annual Sunrise 6k race. Not to be missed!

We have a carpool doc for you that has a tab for this Friday (Claremont Canyon) and next Friday (Sunrise 6k). Add yourself, add your friends, add your enemies. Bring em all!

NP Summit is September 14-16. Here’s a doc you can use to find a relay team and coordinate with other tribes. We also want to hear your stories. During Summit, they will be filming unique stories from people across the 49 NP cities. Have something interesting to share? Add yourself in this form! Even if you’re not sure if it meets the cut, or you aren’t going to Summit, we definitely want to hear from you. These answers will stay only with us 3 until you tell us otherwise.

Don’t worry, we made a calendar for you guys to help keep track of all this good stuff. Check it out in online here, or use this link to add it to your own calendars.

Happy Wednesday Party People!

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