Abracadabra!!You’ve been tabata’d! (YWG)

Winnipeg Notes:

  • POP UP POOL PARTY/SOCIAL EVENT TONIGHT..just show up- details below
  • Bomber Game Friday August 17th
  • The Trans Canada Classic – Saturday August 18th (click HERE for the details)
  • Recruiting Challenge ends August 31
  • Sunrise 6k August 31

August (also known as AugVEST..for those of you who did not know) has been a hell of a month so far. We’ve had rain storms, beauty bright red sun rises in the morning (which unfortunately, is due to mass smoke from forest fires) and then this massive heat wave. Crazy to think that in just a couple of months ..it’ll be -31 again. Maybe we should start thinking about a +31 badge too?

So since it’s been so hot this past week, we’ve decided that a pop up pool party and BBQ chez Derek’s family would be a good way to cool off. Address: 529 Chrypko Drive. Show up anytime after 6pm and bring the following:

  • Towel
  • BYO-BBQ food items
  • Wood for fire
  • If you drink..DONT drive!

Today’s workout was inspired from the famous previous leader, Tabata Tom. Well, since Dom rhymes with Tom..it’s now Tabata Dom (and you will probably get DOMS ..which stands for Delayed On-set Muscle Soreness for all you Kinesiology nerds out there).

This Friday, August 17th, we’re going to see the Blue Bombers play the Ottawa RedBlacks (personally..I can’t wait to see my current home play against my hometown). Get your tickets from the link below (but it only works on a desktop computer for some reason..) and not sure if the discount code if still valid, but give it a try.


promo code: NP2018

Saturday, August 18th is the Trans Canada Classic! We’re running, we’re biking, we’re beaching. Click here for the Facebook event details
This past weekend there was a free ultra trail race happening in Falcon Lake. That’s right- I said FREE. But here was the catch: no awards, no aid, no wimps, no water, no washrooms, no concrete- those were the exact words used from the registration page and not to mention.. it was fucking hot outside. The reason only reason I know about this, is because we had some tribe members register. Nathan completed 35km and had to stop due to a rolled ankle and Evan completed his first 50km ultra marathon!! There a first time for everything and ya’ll are insane.

Shaboya was passed along to Sarah this week. She is awesome. She is consistent. She is kind. She is hardworking. Just as Danielle said this morning, she is intentional and present. Sarah battled through a stress fracture this winter with grace a perseverance. Sarah, we’re glad you’re here!

Keep recruiting!! Many of you were able to get 1 or more ballots this morning for a chance to win some North Face swag from Prairie Summit. Here’s how to get a ballot: you get one ballot for every new person you bring or someone who hasn’t come yet in 2018! In order to find out if you win .. you need to be at the Friday workout at the Legislative Building on August 31st for our 3rd sunrise 6k this summer! Lets see how big we can get and spread the joy of NP.

See you all Friday ♥

-Tabata Dom

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