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good doggo

Wisconsin notes:
– We did the full tubthumping burpee workout
– We got to know everyones names
– Megan and I will be in Edmonton this weekend; guest leaders for the Friday morning workout
– Next Wednesday- prize for whoever recruits the most people, and tagging shirts for PR day
– Next Thursday- Peg City Scramble, details here
– June 5th- Birthday workout, Facebook event here, and global run day event in the evening, event details here
– Amie Seier’s new gym is open, go check it out here

so many burpees

Great workout this morning fam. We warmed up in the Oodena circle, then did a full rendition of the burpee workout to the tubthumping song, before heading over to the time trial field for a time trial, jump squat/name game thing, and Green Sally.

During the name game, we were curious to see which workouts were a crowd favourite. Would it be bridge challenge? Bridge wars? Hoistee tabatas? Green Sally? The overwhelming winner was…. none of them. The range was vast, and it didn’t seem like any one particular type of exercise or overall workout took a majority of votes. I guess the take away is to always change it up, and to cycle through the favourites. It was a good way to learn names as the group starts to grow for the summer. The only problem this morning was that there were no new recruits. So we threw out a recruiting challenge for next week; whoever brings the most new people wins a prize.

Speaking of prizes, do you ever see those social media contests where you have to click like, follow the page, tag ten friends, share to your story, rub your belly and pat your head? Well, sometimes they work. Megan won a contest through Explore Edmonton, and it included a trip for her and three friends to Edmonton for this weekend. I just barely squeezed in as the third friend, so I will be going with her, which means we will be away this Friday morning. Not to worry, we have placed you in the hands of Will and Marina, who will do a great job of leading the workout at the Ledge (that’s an order). Show up this Friday, and keep entering those social media contests ’cause you never know what you’re gonna get.

Next Thursday is the Peg City Scramblé, and it will be a good one. We meet at Le Garage Cafe at 6:45, come in teams of three or come alone, we will make a team for you. Then you run around for an hour, try to hit as many checkpoints as you can, and make it back before time runs out to see if you’ve won. Then stay for a beer or soda pop, and do some socializing. We hope to see you there! And Megan has invited out the Manitoba Run Crew, so there should be some new faces there.

time trials; fast face on

June 5th will be a big day. We have our fifth birthday, which is pretty wild to think that we’ve been meeting on Wednesday mornings at 6:14 am at The Forks for five years now. Every Wednesday. For five years. Think about it.

So go check out the facebook event posted above, think of ways to make it special in your own way, shoot us any ideas you have, and tell those people that have been slacking to get back out to it.

taken from Amie’s facebook

Amie Seier, OG Rick Duha’s cousin and NP veteran, has been working tirelessly to open her new gym called The Community. I can only imagine the amount of time, tears and sweat that went into getting it going, and this week she’s opened the doors. They have four different types of classes- cycle (spin), crush (boxing style), camp (bootcamp style), and calm (yoga). Go check it out, and we will hopefully set up a date where we will all go fill a class and show some support. Stay tuned.


Also, Jen Schell was handed the shabooya award today. Her shirt says ‘drop it like a squat’ and that’s all you need to know about Jen.

Have a great day!


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