Movement as the new alarm clock (OTTAWA)

This morning’s bounce was a little bit like a dance. One that required all hands on deck to remember the moves, as the speed increased. This is one reason we rely on each other and hold each other accountable. Thank you to those graceful dancers with a keen sense of choreography to keep us on track.

This morning we thank the taggers for their beautiful artwork, and photographer for her precision in capturing beautiful moments in the sunlight. We thank all those who woke up early, to take on the day with full force. Nothing like a partner circuit to wake you up. If you were a little bit on the sleepy side, it doesn’t last too long when you have a partner relying on you to come back around the block to relieve you from your burpees and plank shoulder taps.

I’ve heard from a number of different sources that movement is one of the best things you can do in the morning. It gets the blood flowing, it gets your joints loosened up after lying horizontal for multiple hours, it kickstarts your metabolism and he high intensity gives you a boost of endorphins we all become addicted to. We could all achieve all this positive benefits to start our day on our own each morning on the side of our bed. So why wake up earlier to make our way alllllll the way to TD place, jump on our bike, car, rollerblades or running shoes??? There’s something about moving with others that makes those positive benefits even better. We have a meaningful conversation, we get a hug we may not usually get, we have connection with others, we meet a new person, we experience the satisfaction of doing something that may scare us, and somehow, we always push a little harder and move a little faster or longer with the encouragement of others. This feeling of starting your day this way never ceases to amaze me. I hope you experienced

Thank you for sharing your morning with us and helping us with this positive input to start our day. Have a happy Wednesday, see you this weekend!


  1. Saturday morning there is a shakeout run 10am meeting at Parliament Hill

2. Saturday at 3:30 – 5/10K Cheer Station at Queen Elizabeth and Waverley

3. Sunday at 7:00am Cheer station 1: SJAM Parkway at Parkdale Cheer station 2: Queen Elizabeth and Waverley

4. Join us OCRC and The Movement Co. at Beyond the Pale following the races on Sunday.

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