Nadim Will Win

Sure, we have race day and certain accomplishments within NP but we are actually pretty devoid of any real competition and bragging rights throughout all of our tribes…with one exception, Nadim vs. All the other leaders.

Nadim is determined to best every other leader in all NP stats; Games Played, Cities Visited, Names Remembered, Bounces Led, Blogs Written, Cookies Eaten and Eye Rolls at Andrew.  For those keeping track, he is currently WAY out in front in every category and is simply just padding his stats for comfort’s sake.  The only competition within sight is Jen in both the Eye Roll and Names Categories.  

Nadim popped another bottle of Apple Cider this week as one more OG leader retired down in DC after 5 years of Free Fitness ™️.  Dan, you’re next and then the war of attrition between JF and NC will truly begin.  My money is on Nadim as Jen hits retirement age first.  

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