HELL-a-wee-WOahMAN Week: day 1 (Boston 10.29.18)

We thought it would be hard, but we didn’t know quite how hard the first day of Hell Week (#HELLaweeWOahMAN) would actually be. 

When Dana-I-eat-burpees-for-breakfast-lunch-and-dinner-Bogan says she’s maybe never worked that hard at a workout, or done anything so hard before, we’re pretty sure we nailed it. 

The workout was called The Spartan.  300 Burpees, split into 10 sets, interspersed with a “tour” of back bay, starting at Comm Ave. & Dartmouth then

  • run north to Beacon St. and back,
  • one set  of 30 burpees,
  • run east to Clarendon and back,
  • one set burpees,
  • run south to Boylston and back,
  • one set burpees,
  • run west to Exeter and back,
  • one set burpees,
  • …repeat for 10 total out & backs + burpees.

The other options were for the 200 Spartan (20 burpees at each set), or the 100 Spartan (10 burpees at each set), with scaled run distances as well. 

Bottom line–it was fucking intense, the tribe was fucking dialed in, got dirty and wet because they put their whole bodies down to the dirty, wet ground, and it was a hell of a good time. 

Bottom, bottom line–no one thought they’d do so many burpees this morning.  And if you asked everyone yesterday if they even COULD do that many burpees, they’d probably say no.  But running along side other badass humans who are throwing down and getting shit done, it makes it easier to run a little faster and push a little harder to get back to the burpee spot.  Looking around at those same badass humans next to you makes it easier for you to stand there making the internal-mental decision to start the burpee set and/or keep pushing hard to finish the set on those burpees in between runs.  We are making each other better, and everyone does their part.  It’s the absolute coolest part about this community.

ALSO: Everyone attending today earned themselves a Monday-of-HELL-a-wee-WOahMAN Week tag…and more tags will be given on Wednesday for #PRday in the stadium. 

If you’re still not sure about the rest of this week:

The answer is Just Show Up.  Seriously, just show up.  JUST. SHOW. UP. Bring a friend or come alone.  Bring all your friends, or show up by yourself.  When you think about why you’re afraid, or what you’re really concerned about, you can do everything we’re throwing out this week.  Your PR day attempt is simply YOURS.  You do as much as you can, and attempt to do it as fast as you ever have or to go farther than you ever have.  And everyone supports the shit out of you.  On Friday, yes, WOahMAN is a race, and everyone who shows up for it is as valued member of the tribe, so stop letting fears hold you back and use this week to challenge yourself.  (unless you’re actually injured, you should not be doing more fitness to exacerbate your injury!)  For real.  Just Show Up.  Bring it on.  Let’s do this. And all the other statements that make it seem like we’re ready to go to battle–fight the good fight–work our asses off–see what we’re made of.  Let’s go.

  • Wednesday: 5:30am Harvard Stadium [Halloween theme: capes]
  • Wednesday 6:30am Harvard Stadium [same Halloween theme!]
  • Friday 4:30am WOahMAN starts at Corey Hill Outlook Park (Brookline, MA) [includes running to Harvard Stadium, a full tour on stairs, run back, burpees, and hills]
  • Friday 6:30am hill workout at Corey Hill Outlook Park.

The tribe is strong.  Stay tuned for #HELL-a-wee-WOahMAN Week: Day 2 update on Wednesday.  #HellYeah

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