Myself & Everyone Else (YEG)

Q: Who did you show up for? A: Myself & Everyone Else!

And you did! Some of this morning’s runners didn’t even realize that they showed up until they happened upon us as they were about to start their run along River Valley Road!

This morning you made that conscious choice to start your Holiday Monday by gifting yourself with a 6K run and by being present for others. I appreciate each and every one of you who chose to show up. Special thanks to Derek for showing up for me at 5AM to help me mark the turnaround and to Andi who chose to ride her bike and sweep the course, ensuring that we didn’t leave anyone behind.

Q: Who are you going to push? A: Myself & Everyone Else!

I loved cheering every running through the finish line. It’s so exciting to see you push yourselves and each other. Watching some of you practically collapse at the end is a rewarding sight…you truly gave it your all!

As exciting is seeing families run through the high 5 gauntlet together, especially when the littles sprint past their parents in the final meters. I am still in awe at the number of kids who gave up their last summer holiday sleep in to join us – awesome!!

Q: Who are you going to hold up? A: Myself & Everyone Else!

We all hold one another up and it is why I choose to show up each November Project morning. High 5s, hugs, cheers, running family in, birthday booms, & embracing each and every finisher – this is what it is all about. We could have each woken up this morning and run 6K from our front doors but instead, we made our way to the corner of Walterdale Bridge and River Valley Road so that we could do it with our NP family. The act of showing up is powerful – while it is wonderful to be greeted with a smile, hug, high 5, somedays it is needed more than others and we never know who needs it more on any particular day. You likely don’t even know who you held up today by simply showing up. Thank you!!

#justshowup 6 AM

  • Wednesday – Commonwealth Stadium – Gate 2
  • Friday – Walterdale Hill

Until next time…SMILE! J

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