Back to School (Ottawa)

Labour day Monday holiday workout. We lunged our way back and forth on the new Flora Bridge. Although it is not bridge month and you maybe wonder what the heck we are doing on a bridge in August? Instead of biting winds, we poured sweat in the beautiful humidity. We felt it was important to explore one of the newest areas of the city, show some out of towners the beauty of the canal from a whole new perspective. And we did just that.

We filled our boots with love and filled our backpacks with an assortment of random items to give our lunges some extra resistance, as we progressed our way through the workout. This included but not limited to: body wash, bracelets, water bottles, conditioner, socks, paper clips, and deodorant. We were ready to not only take on the day, but also prepared for anything.

Some of us showed up at 6:20, some at 6:26, and some even at 6:46. One person in particular who was equipped with the school supples, and back packs and books, accidentally thought the workout started at 6:57 and her alarm went off at 6:26am. But no fear! She showed up, fully equipped, rearing to go and joined the workout in fine form, capturing some beautiful photos of this morning’s crew.

Today’s group came together with smiles, creative ideas, and ready to high five and sweat for 30 minutes. It was the perfect way to start Monday.

Thank you for sharing your morning, your time, your energy and your backpacks with us. Here’s to bringing “soles” together. See you Wednesday!

Liz and Lauren

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