Musical Chairs – The NP Way (PHL)

What a big week for the tribe here in Philly! We made the  of the Inquirer, the Positivity Award arrived, and we had our first workout with some tunes! (Well, sorta. Okay, we tried to play some tunes but ended up with “personal DJ sessions” instead!)
Today’s workout was inspired by everyone’s favorite, anxiety-inducing, childhood game, musical chairs. Running around the square at the top of The Steps while music was playing with four stations on each side: burpees, ledge jumps, decline planks/pushups and leg throws. When the music stops, folks retreat to the nearest station and perform that station’s workout until the music starts up again. Repeat for 45 min, and … boom!
Lots of announcements and awards were handed out today. Leadership is obsessed with the #LoveFest we have going here! MJ rocked the high-flying homework and had the most votes of the NP_PHL finalists. We thought that deserved something special, so we awarded her a box of Tastykakes! WTG, MJ!  Trish gave The Hard Hat to Rodney, because he is a supremo badass. After all, the dude travels over the bridge from NJ to make our workouts (and a ton of other club/events/obligations of which he is a core member here in this fine city). He recently recovered from a stress fracture and is running a 50k this weekend! Oh yeah and he wore THIS t shirt today (pictured right)! Our first Positivity Award winner was Sir Robert. We can’t say enough about this guy, his positive nature and his dedication to the tribe. He’s been with us nearly since our inception, he recruits, he cheers, he takes photos, he helps scope out locations for future workouts, and he has a British accent (which makes everything sound a little sweeter). Robert is simply an excellent example of what NP_PHL is all about. We are proud to have you as part of the Tribe!
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As if all this awarding didn’t make the morning exciting enough … While taking the group photo, the fountain in front of us erupted, and we all oooh’d and aaah’d, as this reminded us the nice weather is here again and that we get up to get in motion, sweat and hug wicked f*cking early!

Have an amazing week folks. See y’all next Wednesday!

Don’t forget:
The WPR 26×1 Relay is THIS Saturday, May 17, 10 a.m. and we still need a few folks to complete our team. It’s FREE! So just sign up, and come have some fun with us in the park!
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