Museum Madness(Ottawa)

It was once known as March Madness and will now be forever known as Museum Madness. For the next four weeks we have decided to explore the city a little bit more and become that much more familiar with some iconic locations. This is something that is yet again uniquely Ottawa. Now, March Madness has it roots in college basketball and in the past we spun it into a push up or squat challenge at the end of the workout. But now this. This is something that you can brag about when visiting other cities.

Much like #bridgemonth in January, we have created community oriented traditions that will continue. In this case, they will take place during the month of March and include visiting various museums. Haven’t purchased your ticket yet? Much like November Project, these museum visits are FREE. We are taking full advantage of this city and it’s architecture to use various stairs, park benches and pass by a couple mammoths. Have you ever seen Parliament Hill from the opposite side of the river? You may have noticed that the Canadian Museum of History has no 90 degree corners while you were burpee-step upping or shoulder tapping your life away.

This morning’s sunrise was one we will not soon forget. The incredible views was aw-worthy and a perfect way to keep us distracted when admiring while shoulder-tapping. The sun peaked behind Parliament Hill, changed every time you look back, and looped around the stairs. The sun just beamed on the moving humans, high-fiving on the transitions, encouragement heard from each corner, pushing to just keep moving. I’m not sure what the total number of burpee set ups was this morning, but groups hit 150, 200, 250, 300+ burpees. That’s a LOT of burpees in 30 minutes.

This mornings commute across the river may have inconvenienced some of you. It may have even halted you from showing up this morning. That’s okay. Maybe a plan is all you need. Commute with friends, run with companions, find yourself an #acountabilibuddy to help to you make it to the workout. With that being said, this city is too great not to explore and offers to many fantastic view points not to photograph so prepare to move across the city from museum to museum. It’s like #bridgemonth but without the bridges.

Here’s to bringing soles together,

Lauren and Liz


  1. Next week meet us at the National Art Gallery underneath the Spider #justshowup #bringafriend
  2. BUFFS are $5 and their going faster than bagels at Kettlemans get ONE while you still can.
  3. November Project Skating Social happening Monday, March 9th 5:30-7pm
  4. Read a blog from another city and/or read the Community Agreements
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