Muddy Monday

What do you get when you combine rain, grass, temperatures just above freezing, and a whole bunch of human beings who get up early for free fitness?

You get cold, sloppy, muddy ground.  You get filthy, wet, fitness-filled human beings who aren’t sure whether they hate what they just did or love what they just did, but they find themselves laughing anyway.

How many mornings start with log rolls through the soggy grass?  Not enough.

How many weeks begin with a collective of people who are willing to show up and then SHOW UP by embracing the weird, the wet, the cold, and each other through any freaking challenge put in front of them?  Well, every single week starts with NP.  EVERY SINGLE WEEK.  All we need to do is show up to get the kick ass vibe for ourselves.  Even when it’s wet and cold–we still got out there and made good shit happen.  Days like today truly are what we mean when we talk about #weatherproof.  Was it brutal? Fuck yeah it was.  Do we regret it?  No fucking way.

EVERY SINGLE MONDAY THIS MONTH will be in Boston Common. We will meet at the Parkman Bandstand and the workouts will be a different adventure somewhere in the common each week.  We know where it is.  We know how to get there.  It’s a beautiful BOSTON location.  Just. Show. Up.

Consistent attendance will definitely be rewarded and so will recruiting!  #HypeHypeHype

WE HAVE A SOCIAL THIS FRIDAY at Boston Beer Works in Fenway.  7PM.  Do you always wish you had more time to hang after workouts?  Do you keep wanting to bring someone who just won’t get up in the morning?  This is for you!  We’ve heard rumors that the Olympics are also starting, and we’re confident that the two events go hand in hand.  The bar has TVs and the tribe will also have hugs, friendship and fun.

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