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What better way to attack your day than to wake up along with the sun and then sweat with friendly people for free?

November Project is a truly a unique blend of community, physical challenge, and personal competition. There is something inspiring and invigorating about walking up Madison’s Bascom Hill, or approaching the Wisconsin State Capitol, to see dozens of people rocking NP gear (usually in bright, vibrant colors) while talking, smiling, and laughing at the crack of dawn! Everyone is gathered together to exercise and connect to people they’ve come to know.

I enjoy the first few minutes of laid back socializing, yawns, and “good mornin’s” before we circle up for a fresh batch of perfectly sarcastic humor, meet our newest members and celebrate our “positivity.” I’m inspired by our gregarious and hilarious leaders who volunteer their time and creativity. They are motivated not by financial incentives but rather by a desire to “work out” and create a welcoming platform for others to connect, motivate, and have a blast.

What makes November Project so fun and meaningful is the fact that people are working their asses off between all of the smiles and laughs. This isn’t a casual social gathering to just get our heart rates going. Rather, it’s 50 minutes of fast and perpetual motion interrupted only by a cow bell signaling the next round of challenging calisthentics. Everyone has the opportunity to push themselves at or near that feared “puke point.”

np ian lowe band field

(This dude wears huge BBall shorts, just to keep it fair)

November Project consists of so many different types of athletes and people. The type of physical training it offers engages all sports and/or physical fitness goals. It offers something for everyone. Participants gather together not to flash their athleticism or bask in the glory of “victory,” but rather to motivate themselves and each other. However, NP does allow space for those who thrive on competition. If you’re competitive, challenge yourself to beat your previous time or track down a friend who is a step quicker than you. November Project’s greatness begins with its simple, straightforward and altruistic mission centered on healthy living and community-building. Participants then thrive on NP’s accessible, challenging, dynamic, and fun workout geared for everyone who “Just Shows Up.”

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