Mouth Breathers (BAL)

Skip to 1:53. Talk about a better insult…..AMIRIGHT?

Except you all are the best kind of Mouth Breathers, the halitosis we don’t mind rolling over next to in bed or giving out big hugs in the morning. We all haven’t showered, we all haven’t brushed our teeth (or maybe we have – sorry dentist Dawn and Maggie) = BONDING.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about or you haven’t seen the Nextflix Original Stranger Things, I suggest you push Barb aside and get to watching. If you have, please laugh until you pee when reading these Stranger Things jokes.

This morning’s workout was hard as burnt Eggos and that Power Hour was basically the Demogorgon. But you Mouth Breathers powered through and we love ya for it. We love your mouths even more.

img_9996img_0012 img_0028


  • #drnhnt: still waiting on schedules. stay tuned
  • Mueve-ton/Move-a-Thon volunteering on Saturday at 8:30AM at Patterson Park! Come volunteer and hang out and be in community with the tribe!

From 1-10 on how awesome you are, you’re definitely an 11.


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