Like Clockwork[out]


As you all know, our thing, is to #justshowup. Before we #justshowup, we #riseandshine, and after, we #raceeverything, and throughout our time together, we do a lot of hashtag-worthy things like say #fuckyeah and eat #stairsforbreakfast. BUT, the most important thing is that we #justshowup. Yeah, it’s commendable to wake up so early (#riseandshine, if I may), it feels pretty damn good to be the boss of your alarm clock, put two feet on the ground, head out the door in the darkness, and show up to the workout to #raceeverything with 50 friends. But showing up, I mean really showing up is the key to what we do here at November Project. You see, our lives are full of work emails and Whatsapp messages, Snapchats while biking and countless time-checks and scheduling and rushing, and, and, and… For one hour per week, though, we are present. We show up. We put everything else aside to say ‘goedemorgen’ to the humans around us, we tell them we’re glad they came, we give them hips-in hugs, we work our asses off with them, we sweat (a LOT) and when Saskia or I call time, we bring it in and call it a [goede]morgen. For one hour per week, with aching legs and burning lungs, we get to forget about our tick-tock-ing worlds outside of NEMO and we get to truly be present, we get to just show up.

Today, we kept things to a murder whisper and tried our best to keep the boat people happy. We did the Clockwork[out] – ironic given recent discussions, yes. There were four sections, and we only rocked around the clock until we went through all of them. We got to know new people, we did the tick-tock exercise that is very fitting and also comes with a never-ending supply of sweaty hand-holding and increasingly awkward butt-touching. If there are people reading this that haven’t showed up to a workout, I am POSITIVE that you will now decide you can no longer miss out on this incredible amount of very normal fun.

In the end, the Positivity Award went to someone that not only shows up to the workout, but shows up to the workout, shows up as a friend, and shows up as a constant motivator and positive energy for everyone around him. For those of you who don’t know, Thijs has been here since Day 1. He showed up to NEMO (a location he picked) to get this whole shindig started with me. On Day 1, there were two of us. Now, 50+ people show up on Wednesday mornings for the best part of their days. #BOOM



  • If you have any [positive] connections to the employees/owners/groundspeople/restaurant staff at NEMO, let us know.
  • Dam tot Damloop: Run with us, cheer with us, bounce with us. More info on social
  • IMPORTANT: from now on, every FIRST Wednesday of the month will be PR Day. Every LAST Wednesday of the month will be Bridge Day.


Just love.




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