Monday Wisconsin Notes (BOS)

Happy Monday, Boston. It’s been another amazing, beautiful, summer Monday morning in our city and the workout was hot, sweaty, partnered, and awesome. Here’s the Wisconsin Notes version of the blog today–keeping everyone up to date and a little entertained.

  • Our workout was at Nashua Street Park–a little spot that more than a few people said, “I realize this is right in the middle of everywhere I go, but I’ve never been here before.” #exploreeverything
  • We did a circuit of 4 exercises + one running loop, on repeat for 16 min. (exercises were 1. plank jack burpees, 2. tricep dips, 3. pushup to alternate toe touch, 4. lateral switch jumps over a big stone)
  • Then we did a partner attempt at 100/100 with leg throw downs/pushups as the exercises.
  • No swimming was allowed because the bacteria count in the river is so high.
  • Wednesday (7/31) is the LAST WED OF THE MONTH… which means
  • It’s PR DAY, and everyone gets to race for their personal record. Set your fastest time for a full tour or go your farthest distance and get your photo taken with the PR chain.
  • There’s also this thing called Mixed Doubles, organized by Eric Klawiter… grab a partner and join in the fun. The info, including spreadsheet to sign up, is RIGHT HERE.
  • And we will be tagging #GrassrootsGear so bring your fresh shirts/tops and the amazing #paintcrew will get you tagged.
  • If you haven’t yet thought about or made plans to attend NP Summit 7.0, which is in November in Las Vegas, NOW is the time to start getting your plans made. All the info you need is here in this blog.

NEXT MONDAY 8/5 will be at Hoyt Field in Cambridge. 6:29am. BE THERE. #justshowup

Have a great day and we’ll see you on WEDNESDAY!

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