Monday Underground (BOS)

Today we did a workout in the very cool, almost hidden area of Boston called Underground at Ink Block. It’s artistic, it’s urban, it’s cool, it’s interesting, and for some it’s hard to find/get to, but it was worth it today.

The workout was a giant circuit with some old movements, some new movements, some running, hurdling, screaming ridiculous things, and lots and lots of fun. I know I say this just about every single Monday, but Mondays are just so good. Like soooo good. They make us start the week out right, they get us moving and experiencing life in such a unique and awesome way, and it’s real that not everyone is doing it. Sure, plenty of people get up and go for a run, or hit the gym, or get to that spin class around the corner. But were they out there under highway 93 (literally underneath it) doing all the work we did this morning? It’s just like the giant graffiti mural said, “WE OWT HERE THO” because we are showing up in the best of places, the strangest of places, in the hiddenest of places, all the places and we’re making the workouts happen.

And when you do show up, you meet new people–you do new things–and this expansion of our own lives and bubbles is a good thing. It’s just good to break the normal norms, and see what else is out there. What else is life like when you sweat and run and high five with strangers and old friends alike?!? What else is your week like when you show up, even underground, to explore the city and yourself?!? When you DO show up, you realize that not showing up makes a difference. You notice a little less electricity in you on those days when you might usually have NP and then you don’t. And Mondays are like that big time.

So if you weren’t there today, we wish you were. For those of you who were, #imgladyouwerethere. And for everyone…next Monday is the next chance to start out your week just like this. And between now and then, there are 2 more days to get free fitness, so much fun, and a community that will light you up.

  • Wednesday: 5:30am & 6:30am at Harvard Stadium. DO IT!!!
  • Friday: 6:30am at Corey Hill Outlook Park, Brookline. It’s #PRhills day.

next monday

Meet at 6:29am on the Tufts Library Roof for the workout. MAP RIGHT HERE.

still hyping the volunteer opportunity + social

  • October 16th 6pm: Landry’s Bicycle Shop at 1048 Commonwealth Ave. Brighton, MA.
  • INFO SESSION about the upcoming volunteer opportunity. NP Boston is partnering with Playworks, a non-profit organization that provides coaching and support for children during recess times at their schools, in order to make those physical and social times more positive and more successful (sound like NP?!?)
  • NP community members (LIKE YOU!) are invited to help as volunteers in this partnership.
  • You can show up to learn more about what this volunteer opportunity would look like, how much time it would take, and all other information/questions will be provided & answered.
  • We will talk, PLAY, and generally have a good time, so come check it out even if you’re unsure how involved you might want to be!
  • October 16th (same night!!) 7:30pm (same spot)
  • Come for the hugs, come for the conversation, come for some leftover playtime from the info session…just show up.
  • We will either be hanging out right at Landry’s or we’ll move to somewhere very, very nearby for some good old-fashioned NP social time, where you get to talk to and connect with those other folks you tend to only see very early in the morning while you’re all sweating.
  • This is a good opportunity to bring some folks who you’ve been wanting to recruit to workouts, but who have all the reasons in the world for not showing up. Sometimes meeting real people is the best recruiting tactic in the book.

Any questions about the volunteer stuff or the social, please reach out to me (Emily).

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