Mira, Mir, Peace


  • Today’s circuit included 10 burpees, adventure run through snowy paths leading to 10 push-ups followed by an all-out sprint, stair climbing, lunges up the ramp and finally bear walk back to burpee zone.
  • The theme was blue in anticipation of Emily’s expected arrival in Boston with JetBlue and making it to the #DestinationDeck before we finish. Snow delayed JetBlue, but a few flakes could not extinguish the blue fire flame of the tribe, and their jet packs of energy fueled by hugs and smiles.
  • The other day, Emily asked me my thoughts about the badassery of women and men of November Project. I said women for sure! She said women too. Then she challenged me to an arm wrestling competition to prove her point. I was not arguing her point, but I lost anyway. Today, we decided to extend this challenge. The challenge was: who will have higher number of reps in total, men or women? At the end of the workout, Sarah reported 125 total reps for women, Scott reported 85 for men. So, it is proven, once again, that women are more badass than men.
  • Unrelated historical fact:  On the 25th day of February 1954, Bosphorus (the strait that connects Black Sea to Mediterranean Sea) froze.  And it was so much fun.
  • Related non-historical fact: Mir means peace in Serbian.
  • Life is beautiful. You are beautiful. Keep your smiley face until we see you again on Wednesday. Mir, Mir!
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