Meet thy Neighbor, Hug thy Neighbor

We fucking RUN DC
We fucking RUN DC

Ever see the movie the fog? Where ghosts come out of fog to kill you? Imagine that, but instead of killing you, they gave you a nice hips in hug. Felt like that today. 150, yeah, 150 people showed up this morning at the Lincoln Memorial for Neighborhood Thrown Down 1.0. The idea? Get into teams of 5 of people that live in your hood (next week carpool/runpool), get a makeshift baton (beer bottles) and get wild with thy neighbor. In the 5:30 group Arlington took home the trophy and in the 6:30 group the boys of NW DC showed up. Welcome home LAUREN BATEMAN to the tribe, what a wonderful smile to have back with us.  As always, way to rock it this morning DC, we are building community, smiles, and nice fucking tushies. This Friday we are at Garfield Circle, near the Capital#WERUNDC.

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