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I’ve known Cathy for a long time…like a really long time (like before I had a beard long). I can say without a doubt that she is as awesome as you think she is and more. A mom, a teacher, and a member of this community. She shows us what drive, determination, and love is all about! To say that she has affected countless lives would be an understatement. She is a rock within our group and deserves to hold that oar handle ten times over. Cathy is moving away next week and while I know that she is going to be happy in her new home, that she will come visit when she can, and that she’ll miss us too the thought of not seeing her on a regular basis hurts my heart. Read up about Cathy below and find her at the next few workouts. Give her a hug like you never want to let go – I know I will be.

NP – November Project – A bunch of crazy people who get up early in the morning regardless of the weather. 

Those were my first thoughts when Trent (my son) started going.  

What has NP done for me?  It has pushed me to do things I never thought I would.  It has taught me to stop apologizing for being slow and just enjoy the experience (though still working on that one), it has given me new friends in my life and it has taught me to swear. 

I have always been an active person except for the running aspect.  My excuse were my knees and feet don’t like running (they still don’t).  I had been going to a gym for a few years but was ready for a change. About the same time Trent had talked about a group doing stairs at Commonwealth.  I would watch him rush out the door in the early morning and think ‘you’re crazy’. Then he continued into the winter talking about some badge he was trying to earn (-30).  As the year went on I heard about the friends he was making, watched him challenge himself in races and he started going to yoga?!. My first time attending NP was the holiday Monday in May, 2015.  My gym was closed so I thought I would check it out (and maybe get to meet Andrew.) The meeting place was the bridge by Fort Edmonton and we ended up doing bridge wars! (and of course I had to run to get there because there is no parking nearby.)  We went for breakfast after where I was able to put faces to many of the names I had heard about. I don’t think I was able to walk straight for a few days. I didn’t attend again until the summer as I wasn’t sure how I could go and get to work on time.  I also still needed to meet Andrew. So I decided to try the stairs out. I really enjoyed those days (though again… couldn’t walk).

 The holiday Monday in September came but Trent was out of town.  I woke up that morning and saw it was drizzling so decided not to go as I still didn’t really know anyone.  I found out later that NP went dragon boat racing and I experienced my first #fomo.  School started again and I pushed the idea out of my head until December.  I decided I wanted to add stairs to my workout so went to my first winter workout.  I was dressed like the Michelin man and found out very quickly I didn’t need that many layers. I also found out that if I was organized, I had plenty of time to get to work.  I added the Mondays but avoided the Fridays as it involved running. Three weeks later, the 6K sunrise run was happening. I really didn’t want to do it so I told Trent I would go do stairs while he ran.  He convinced me to try it. It had been forever since I ran any kind of distance and was quite nervous about it. I knew I would be slow. It was a cold morning and I didn’t want people freezing because of me.  Well, I survived it and was so surprised at the people that stayed around waiting for me. 

And that is when things started to change.  I realized I could run a 5K and signed up for my first one in the spring.  By the fall I had tried a 10K. I tried to stop the voices in my head from telling me to continue trying other things. (though at times – it was more Keith’s voice in my head).  I started running trails and found out I really enjoyed them even though they kick my butt. Seeing pickles, cows or even trying fireball for the first time just added to the experience. 

I always wanted to try a triathlon and competed in a  couple of sprint versions. I have managed to find days to join the biker gang. I even tried Dawn Patrol (not sure how wise that was).  I ran the furthest ever this spring when I completed the Baby Ultra at Blackfoot and I am ready to give Seawheeze a try. (no Keith – I am not planning on ever doing 50K!)  I enjoy seeing all the ages at NP, all the fitness levels, the former students and the friends I have made. (even if I don’t always remember your names :-p) I love being able to go on a run with my kids, Trent and Marisa, and enjoy cheering them on with their own challenges. 

I’m still slow (#turtlepacerocks) but I am learning to accept that and stop apologizing for it. A couple of tunes on my playlist that keep me moving include Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now  and High Valley – Young Forever. (and you may hear me singing them loudly when I think I am alone on the trail.) I always have to laugh when the song Still Alive by Meatloaf comes on as I am getting my butt kicked by a trail. I am glad I just showed up.  I am so grateful to Andrew, Jen, Nadim and now Rob and everyone else at NP for your encouragement and the high fives. As one chapter closes in my life, I am getting ready to start a new chapter. As most of you know, I have retired this year and will be moving to Courtenay, BC in July.  I am going to miss everyone and the workouts. It isn’t goodbye, but see you later. I plan to find new trails, stairs and other ways of staying active. Please be sure to say hi if you are in the area. (and keep an eye on my kid for me 🙂 ) #justshowup


The historic 50th November Project location officially joined the movement in Toulouse, France! @toulousefitnessproject welcome to #NovemberProject family. Our Community Boss Laura Green was there to hand deliver a fresh set of stencils and the iconic wooden oar handle. 3 continents, 9 countries, 50 cities, amazing. Go check them out:

Friday – Walterdale Hill

Birthday Week is NEXT WEEK – we have celebrations planned for all three workouts (trust us show up)

  • Monday – Emily Murphy Park
  • Wednesday – Commonwealth Stadium (Meet at Gate 2)
  • Friday – Walterdale Hill
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