Fifty Nifty Sections (BOS

Fifty sections today on a super warm, July, Boston-summer day. Not for Frogman…that’s coming in August. #Frogust. But 50 sections today for the now, official 50 cities around the entire world that hold a November Project community for all things fitness, social, kindness, movement, and this-shit-is-good related.

Toulouse, France became the 50th city of NP, and in Boston we designated each section as representing the NP city that came on in that order. We challenged everyone to start with their first section…which was our #mothership of Boston. And to do as many as they could–25 sections each out and back, hopefully getting all the way back to the 50th section, for Toulouse. We call this the #NPworldtour

Because our course was out & back, our first section was also the last section, which made a pretty dope “full circle” for us in Boston. We are standing in the city–and the exact spot where November Project started. And we are celebrating everywhere it has gone, around the world, and landing back at the physical spot where we began, but celebrating the newest example of how powerful this movement really is.

And everyone who climbed stairs and completed even one section got to celebrate their final number of sections completed by learning what NP city came to be in that number order–If you made it a half-tour (19 sections) you could celebrate NP Vancouver. Got to the turnaround point and did 25 sections? Kelowna (Canada) was your city. Did you get to 40 total sections? Portland, OR. Whatever number of sections you finished, there’s an NP city for you to connect to, to celebrate, to be excited that it exists because it means the NP community…wait, the NP COMMUNITY is that much bigger.

And we’re asking you–challenging you with NP_Homework to take that section count of yours today, and look up your NP city right here and then reach out to them. Post on their FB page. Tag them on Instagram… hell, even just follow them on Instagram! But shout them out in some way. See if you can make a connection to that city you climbed all the way to this morning, and make this gigantic community just a teeny tiny bit more connected. Go on, we dare you! #NPworldtour


July 22 is the #Sunrise6k. Monday–there will be 5:30 and 6:30 races. GET READY. Location will be Castle Island.

FRIDAY, this week, both EmSauce and Capozzi will be outta town…and if you’re reading this far, you’re going to be excited to know Bojan…the REAL BOJAN… will be leading the Boston crew through the workout. Watch out friends, it’s going to get interesting. Have fun. Capozzi will be back on Monday.

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