Med Surge! (NO)

To celebrate National Running Day, NP_NO came out and did just that. We took our lap and hit the stairs to get the heart pumpin and legs moving.  We then went station to station with half the tribe running suicides and planking and the other half getting reacquainted with said stairs.     We swapped stations every five minutes and were all excited when Preston called time after 4 rounds.  Baby Josie even made a return cameo this morning so we must be doing something right…
Special shout out to Dr. John Guste the winner of today’s Positivity Award. John has played a key role in ensuring November Project NO’s tribe stays strong each week.  John has “strongly encouraged” fellow residents and an amazing cadre of bleary eyed med students (17 participated today) to come out and join the movement .  So John, we appreciate you spreading the word and all you do.  To the rest of you rascals, the bar has been set, if you can top that 17 number on any given Wednesday then we have some grassroots gear with your name on it.  Just Show Up!

Dr. John and the McSweaties
Dr. John and the McSweaties


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